Private Christian Tours

Private Christian Tour of Israel

If you are traveling with a partner or with a small group of up to 10 persons you may wish to consider our private Christian tour option.

A private tour of Israel will allow you to experience the Holy Land in the most suitable way for you and your family. Traveling at your own pass, visiting your preferred sites and enjoying the full attention of our experienced private tour guide.

Christian Private Tour Benefits

1. Flexibility
Your own pace, your own plan. Just like traveling alone, but with professional dedicated guidance.

2. A Superb Private Guide at Your Service
Our guide will help you plan the tour and be your host, driver and guide throughout your tour.

3. A Tailor Made Christian Tour Plan
That will meet your interests, needs and budget. From VIP tours to family oriented itinerary. Talk to us, and we will help you plan the right tour for you.

4. Price Per Person
Generally a private tour is more expensive than a group tour. However, if you are 4 persons or more, you will be surprise to see that in most cases the price difference is not that dramatic, and yet the benefits are huge.

5. Maximum personal safety
Driving in a foreign country can be itimidating. With our local, experienced Israeli tour guide you will feel secure. On the road, during visits to places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem etc, you will enjoy the knowledge of a local guide who knows the right rules of behaviour.

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