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Christian Tour Operator

At CTO we believe that the Christian traveler to Israel has a unique set of expectations, interests and needs.

For our customers, visiting the Holy Land is not “just a tour”. Rather, it is an experience of a lifetime and this is how we try to approach it.

Israel Christian Tours is a dedicated Christian tour operator that provides full packages, Private tours and day tours to the Holy Land with a unique, spiritual, educational and fun approach.

Although we are part of one of the most established and reputable tour operators in Israel,  we are constantly trying to change, learn and listen to our customers, which enables us to improve and perfect our service.

Our Mission Is To Be a Dedicated Christian Tour Operator That Offers Our Customers A Unique, Spiritual, Rich and Fun Experience.

We are committed to:

  1. Providing a rich, informative, comprehensive and fun (yes fun!) Holy Land experience.
  2. Developing our services and packages according to our customers feedback and requests.
  3. Working with the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated tour guides that specialize in leading Christian Tours in Israel.
  4. Providing a variety of tour packages to meet our customers’ demand.
  5. Providing a world class service – prompt response before and during the tour to any question or requests.