Custom Christian Group Tours

Get An Exclusive Offer For Your Christian Group Tour!

If you are a travel agent or a community leader and wish to offer a Christian group tour of Israel, then we have an offer for you!

We will provide you with A to Z service that includes pre-planning the tour, drafting an itinerary, hotels, transfers, flights (if needed) and make sure that the plan will perfectly match your group needs.

The Benefits of Our Custom Christian Group Tour Service:

1. Full Customization
Your dates, your tour plan, your budget. Your customers or community deserves a tour plan that will match their believes, their interests, needs and budget. And we will make sure they get it!

2. A Dedicated Senior Travel Expert
That will work with you on all part of your custom Christian tour for your group.

3. Competitive Prices On All Levels Of Accommodations
As a group, we will provide you with discounted rates and we will make sure you will age the best value for money.

4. Securing the Best Christian Oriented Tour Guides
We will make sure you get the best guides who are experts in Christianity and its history in the Holy Land. You will be able to talk and get to know your guide prior to making your decision.

5. Exclusive Offers for Travel Agents and Group Leaders!
We provide commission for travel agents and if you are independent group leader, we will also make sure to offer you a fair bonus, for choosing us!

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