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Follow in the footsteps of Jesus in this wonderful Holy Land tour package. Let the Bible come to life from the hills of the Galilee to the alleys of Jerusalem. Visit the places you only read about, the Sea of Galilee the Dead Sea, Nazareth, Cana, Capenaum and more. Experience the Holy Land in a deep, meaningful and fun way.

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Thursday Day 1: Tel-Aviv

Our representative will be waiting to greet and assist you at Ben-Gurion airport.
You will be taken to your hotel in Tel Aviv. The drive should take about 20-30 minutes drive, depending on traffic.
Enjoy the afternoon in Tel-Aviv. Enjoy the beach, explore the wonderful food, vibe and night life!

Friday Day 2: Tel-Aviv / Sea of Galilee / Tiberias

A wonderful day, which includes a short visit to Jaffa and the magnificent ancient port city of Caesrea. On our way to the Galilee, we will stop in Megiddo, ending the day in Tiberias for overnight.

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Enjoy a hearty and a healthy, typical Israeli breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast, we will embark on our journey in the Holy Land.

The day will begin with a short visit to the city of Jaffa (Joppa), the ancient port city, which is part of Tel Aviv.

We will walk through the tranquil, cobbled alleys of the old town, passing by the house of Simon the Tanner, where St. Peter had stayed.
Our next stop, will be a panoramic view of the beautiful Mediterranean and the Tel-Aviv coastline.

Next, we will drive along the coast to Caesarea, which in the time of Herod the Great was a thriving port city, with temples, baths, public buildings, an amphitheater and a splendid aqueduct. Today it is an impressive and beautiful archaeological site.

We will drive north, and pass through Megiddo, mentioned in the Book of Revelation 16:16.
Overlooking the Jezreel valley, Megiddo was an ancient city. The city was strategically located on the Via Maris, the trade route which connected Egypt and Damascus.

After exploring the ancient ruins, we will drive towards the Sea of Galilee and Arrive at Tiberias. We will spend the night in Tiberias.
Day 2 of the Holy Land tour has reached its end.

Saturday Day 3: Sea of Galilee

The third day of your Holy Land tour is a truly exciting day. Today, we will explore the route of Christianity and the youth of Jesus Christ.
We will visit Tiberias, Capernaum, Tabgha and Mt. of Beatitudes.
The background scenery for our day will be the beautiful Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights.
We will also visit the Yardenit the Baptismal site.

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We will begin the day with a tour of historic Tiberias. Located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias was in ancient times the capital of the Galilee.
Our next destination will be Capernaum, the real hometown of Jesus Christ and where he began his preaching.

Tabgha, will be our next stop. This is the site of the miraculous feeding of the 5,000, (Mark 6:30-44). We will visit the Church of Multiplication, to see the beautifully preserved mosaic floor which depicts a basket with loaves and two fishes.

Heading next to Mt. Beatitudes, a serene spot with a magnificent view of the Sea of Galilee. It is here that Jesus preached the famous “Sermon on the Mount”, which opens with the 8 Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-10).

Our Holy Land tour will continue with a drive up to the Golan Heights. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Mt. Hermon and the flourishing Hula Valley, spread out beneath us.

Our last stop for the day will be a visit to the Yardenit Baptismal Site, located along the Jordan River, south of the Sea of Galilee.
A short drive and we will be back in Tiberias for a good night's rest.

Sunday Day 4: Nazareth / Jordan Valley / Beit Shean / Jerusalem

This special day will take us from the Galilee to Jerusalem. We will visit Cana to see the Wedding Church. We will then visit Nazareth including the Church of Annunciation and later drive to Beit Shean, one of the most fascinating archaeological site in the Middle East.
Our day will end in Jerusalem, after a beautiful ride through the Jordan Valley.

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After breakfast, we will leave Tiberias and travel to Cana. In Cana we will visit the Wedding Church. It is here that Jesus performed His first miracle of turning water into wine (John 2:1-11).

After Cana we will continue to Nazareth. Located in a valley between Galilean hills, Nazareth was the childhood home of Jesus. We will visit the Church of Annunciation. It is believed that here was the site where the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1:26-56). Next, a stop at Mary’s Well and Joseph’s Church as well.

Next we will drive through the Jordan Valley to Beit Shean. We will visit the remains of this magnificent Hellenistic city . We will walk through the two impressive colonnaded streets, see the beautifully preserved bath houses, Theater and Roman temple.

our day will end with a scenic drive to Jerusalem through the Jordan Valley.

Monday Day 5: Masada & the Dead Sea

Today's journey includes history, breathtaking scenery and a lot of FUN! We will drive through the beautiful scenery of the Judean Dessert into the lowest place on Earth - The Dead Sea. Next we will head to Masada. A visit to the magnificent world heritage site which hold a remarkable story. We will then head to Qumeran, where the dead sea scrolls where found.
We will end the day floating in the Dead Sea.

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After breakfast we will drive to Masada, passing through the breathtaking view of the Judean Dessert and the Dead Sea.

Masada was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. This fortress/palace was built by Harod The Great as his personal hiding place and winter palace. During the great rebel of the Jews against the Roman Empire, Masada was the last stronghold of the rebels. Its defenders, men, women and children chose to die by their own swords, rather than become slaves.

We will take the cable car up to the fortress. Once inside, we will visit the King Herod’s palace, the synagogue, bathhouse and more. We will to visit the north palace and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Dead Sea and the Roman camps below.

En route to the Dead Sea, we will visit the site of the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Weather permitting, we will take a relaxing float in the Dead Sea and enjoy the famous mud and the healing effect of the water.

We will return to Jerusalem for overnight.

Tuesday Day 6: Jerusalem

An emotional first day in Jerusalem. A visit to the Dead Sea scroll in the Israeli Museum. Then, we will explore the village of Ein Karem with its beautiful monasteries. Next, a visit to Yad Vashem, the most important holocaust museum in the world.
On the second part of the day we will visit Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, and the Church of Nativity.

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Today is our first day in Jerusalem, a diverse and fascinating city. A city of great importance to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

We will start the day with a visit to a detailed model of ancient Jerusalem (Second Temple period). Then we will head next door to the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Around lunch time, we will drive to Ein Karem. This lovely and picturesque artist village is believed to be the village where John the Baptist was born.

After lunch, we will head to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum, a living memorial to the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. The museum was established in 1953 and is located at the foot of Mt. Hertzl.

On our second part of the day, we will visit Bethlehem - the birthplace of Jesus Christ. We will visit Rachel’s Tomb and the Church of the Nativity before we will head back to your hotel for overnight.

Wednesday Day 7: Jerusalem

Today we we will reach one of the heights of our Holy Land Tour. We will spend our day in the Old City of Jerusalem. The highlights of this wonderful day are the Western Wall, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the Cardo and more.
We will end the day in the Garden of Gethsemane, before returning to the hotel for overnight.

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Today we will spend the day in the Old City of Jerusalem. Unlike "Old Cities" in other parts of the world, which are mainly a tourist attraction, the Old City of Jerusalem is a live city that hasn't changed much since biblical times. All of your senses will be stimulated as you will walk through the narrow allies of the city.

We will head to the Western Wall and the actual site of the Second Temple, the Temple Mount. We will walk the Way of the Cross, the Via Dolorosa, to Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, housing both the traditional site of Crucifixion and the Tomb of the Resurrection.

Next we will head southwest, just outside the Old City, to Mount Zion, where the traditional tomb of King David and the Room of the Last Supper are located.

We will continue to a panoramic view from the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem's highest peak that offers a wonderful view of the Old and New city.

We will end the day with a visit the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed in agony on the night of His betrayal by Judas. See the beautiful olive trees, masterfully sculptured by time, which are believed to be the same trees under which Jesus sheltered.

Return to hotel for overnight.

Thursday Day 8: Jerusalem - Ben-Gurion airport

Our Holy Land tour has reached its end and we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed hosting you. We part with the Hebrew greeting of Shalom and Le-Hitraot and hope to welcome you again in the future.
Transportation is provided from the hotel to the airport for your flight back home.

What’s included In This Holy Land Tour?

  • 7 nights’ hotel accommodation including daily breakfasts
  • Assistance at the airport upon arrival
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Sightseeing in a modern air conditioned motor coach
  • Service of a government licensed guide on all touring days
  • Entrance fees according to the itinerary.
View on Temple Mount Jerusalem

Useful information

  • Wi-Fi: available in all hotels and public places, restaurants, cafés.
  • ATMs: are available in all big cities, it is advisable to exchange money in a bank or an exchange place and not in your hotel. You can exchange currency at the airport, after exiting through customs.
    Major credit cards are widely accepted in stores, restaurants and cafes.
  • Cell phones: If you wish to rent a local cell phone for your stay, this can be done at the airport. You can also purchase a local SIM card.
    Suggested tipping on group tours is recommended at $5-10 per person per touring day for the guide and $3-5 per person per driving day for the driver.
    Customary tips in Israeli restaurants and cafes is between 10-15% depending on how pleased you are with your waiter/waitress. 10% is usually the minimum, with 12% an average tip. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped (locals do not tip in taxis).
  • Weather: It is best to check updated weather conditions a couple of days prior to your departure and pack accordingly.
  • Clothes: Israel is a liberal and modern country, there is no particular dress code and you are not expected to dress up for restaurants etc. When visiting Holy sites, shoulders must be covered, trousers/dresses/skirts must be below knee length.
  • Documents: your passport must be valid for at least 6 months when entering the country. Check with us if you require an entry visa to Israel/Jordan/Egypt.
  • Electricity: The Israeli power supply is single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz. Most sockets have a three-pin hole, although double pinned European plugs can also be used.
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